Cass County Illinois family history

Our High School-a tower of strength-a vision of memories-an institution of
love-and a establishment of learning! Happy hours,sad hours,long
hours,short hours,all are crowded into our four years here-four years of
failures and successes,work and play,joy and sorrow. It is more than a mere
building;it is a home,a home where love abides and our hearts dwell. Four
years it has enriched our lives,and now we pass it on to others that they
might gain of its boundless treasures of education.
"Tho lost to sight,to mem'ry dear Thou ever wilt remain."

The Tiger
Published by The Senior Class of Beardstown High School
Volume XXII
Engraving by The Capital Engraving Company
Photography by Mr.M.R.Shoemaker
Printing by L.G. Schaeffer Publishing Company
Transcribed by Ginger Weston

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