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Ann Schoonover 08 Nov 5:08:07 2009

I am interested in information on John Wesley Schoonover m. Mary Letiah Hightower. I know they lived in Cass County Illinois. I found a census of 1880 for Holt Co. Mo. with her children. but no John Wesley. Maybe someone can help me.

Ellen Eckstein 02 Nov 2:10:09 2009

Looking for information on my G-G Grandmother Margaret Schoonover who lived in Chandlerville, Il. and had three children who were orphaned in 1869. Charles L. Schoonover b.1855, Mary Ellen Schoonover b.1861, (my great grandmother), Dora Schoonover b.1862 (adopted name Jenny Plaster). Unable to determine who their father was or who adopted Mary Ellen after her mother died in 1869.

Ray F. 26 Oct 4:06:40 2009

Requesting any information on Martha Clementine Ballard,  born August 24, 1872 at Blair City, Cass County, Illinois.  If you have information relating to her parents, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Roy Roberts 16 Sep 11:41:08 2009

I would like information about John B. Looman, Co. G. 27th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

Clyde Ross 29 Aug 7:00:02 2009

Clyde Lee Ross is my birth name. Lamar, OK. Hughes Co.  5/5/1920 . Sarah Jane [Pullam] Elliott is my great aunt of Cass, Co., Il. who married Hugh Elliott of Cass Co.,   Ill. her younger brother Benjaimin
Franklin Pullam is my grandfather and was laid to rest in 1930 in Antioch Cemetery, Miami Co., KS.

Glenda Moore 11 Jul 8:48:27 2009

I am trying to locate Delbert and Marie Welsh.I know that they have a farm in Cass County, Illinois.I think it is near Buckeye Church.

Diane Barber 09 Jul 1:40:59 2009

My name is Diane Barber and am still looking for information on Johnny Anderson. He is originally from Kentucky, Cumberland  Gap. He moved here and married a Mary Cox from Virginia.  They had 6 children and she passed away from blood infection around 1931 or so. He had a half brother, Finis Wallace and half sister, Sally. Finis livied in Virginia and Sally in Beardstown.  He married my mom, Caroline Bollhorst in 1933 and they had 13 children. Any info would be appreciated.  I also know that Dad came from Kentucky around the same time that the Clarks from Arenzville moved here. Dad owned land around Virginia, but lost it in the depression. He then moved to Arenzville after marrying. Mom and Dad died in 1967. Any info appreciated.

ELLIOTT, PULLAM 01 Jul 7:22:09 2009

Sarah Jane [Pullam] Elliott at rest in Chandlerville, Cass Co., Ill. in 1954 in answer to a query of recent.of is my's sister 2 years older than he. I was at his interment in 1930 in Ks. Their mom's sir name was Rosson.

Veronica BEINSTINGEL Stroud 03 Jun 3:23:41 2009
I am looking for information on James Franklin PARIS (wife may have been Almeda), b. 25 April 1830 in Madison Co., Kentucky, d. 31 Jan 1913 in Chandlersville, Cass Co., IL. Buried on Feb. 2, 1913 at Chandlerville, Cass Co., IL in the VILLAGE cemetery.

I am also looking for his wife Almeda (maiden name not known). It is believed that she died during childbirth, daughter born during that birth was Eulie. Eulie was put up for adoption.  James and Almeda had 5 children all of the children were born in Cass County.  They were: Oliver, Zeaphie b. 1856, Robert, Effie and Eulie Paris.

Dennis Wright 21 May 2:07:42 2009

Am looking for information on my great-great-great grandfather, Aaron Wright.   He was born in South Carolina in 1808, presumably moved to Tennessee at a young age, got married and had three children (Joseph was my g-g grandfather), made it to Cass County and re-married to Hannah Whiteley in Cass County in 1839.  They later lived in Iowa and Missouri and settled in Fulton County, Illinois.  I find more information on his brother, Cyrus who was a minister and a representative of the 25th district in the state legislature in the early 1850's.  Aaron was also a minister, but not as well known.  After he left Cass county it seems he just farmed where ever he went.   The most critical information I need is the period before getting to Cass county - who was his first wife and what happened to her.  But, I would appreciate any information anyone could provide. 

BOLLHORST, KORTUM 03 May 6:09:08 2009

I am looking for any information on CAROLINE BOLLHORST nee KORTUM.She was born 1848 in Germany and had 12 or13 children.After 1881 she lived in Cass County Illinois.Any info to help would be appreciated.

Debi Clark 18 Apr 5:32:35 2009

My great-great grandparents lived in Beardstown, Cass County.  I have many photos of the family, some with names, unfortunately, some without.  I have the family Bible (Mason) from the early 1800s, and have copies of entries in the Richardson bible.  I would love to talk to anyone researching these lines.

John M. Mason b 7July 1843, Delaware. d. 20 May 1916 in Beardstown married 10 Nov 1868 in Philadelphia to Ruth Richardson Mason, b 3 Nov 1842, Delaware.  d.11Mar 1930 in East St. Louis. Their children were:

John Henry Mason b. 25 Nov.1869 in Delaware.  May have been married twice to Ada and Agnes.
Wesley R. Mason b. 22 July 1872 in Delaware.  Married Martha.
Francis Enoch (Frank) b/ 22 Dec 1874 in Delaware.  Married Mary.
Mary Ruth (Mame) b. 10 Nov 1878 in Delaware.  Married Henry Nolden.
Harry S. Mason b. 27 June 1881 in Delaware.  Married Dorothea (Dode) Nolden.
Jeanne Mason b. 20 May 1885 in Delaware.  Married Charles Burroughs (div), then Mr. Kleppin.

Vern Paul 07 Mar 6:30:52 2009

I am looking for anything and everything on Bridgewater families in Cass County, Illinois. Most, if not all, will be descendants of Zachariah and Elizabeth Bridgewater/Bridgwater of Virginia, who were early Illinois pioneers. In 1810, they were in Henrico Co., Virginia. They may have gone to Tennessee briefly, but by 1818 and 1820 they were in Bond Co., Illinois; by 1825, in Montgomery Co., Illinois; by 1830, in Morgan Co., Illinois; and by 1840 on, in Cass County. Elizabeth died on 11 March 1853, age 66 years, 6 months, and was buried in Clark Cemetery in Cass County. The date may be misread and needs to be verified as she is not with Zachariah in the 1850 Census. In this last census, it indicates he was 63, born Tennessee – but the location is more likely Henrico Co., Virginia.

A daughter, Matilda Bridgewater, was married on 8 October 1839 in Cass County to Miles White. She may have died young without children as Miles is found in 1850 with a different companion and younger children, none old enough to be Matilda’s.

A daughter (Mary?) Elizabeth A. Bridgewater, was married on 23 October 1853 in Cass County to Benjamin Mathews/Matthews. Nothing further known at this time.

A son, William Bluford Bridgewater, was married on 7 October 1855 in Cass County to Sarah Elizabeth Fanshier. William moved to Barton Co., Missouri, and died there in 1905. Descendants moved to Washington state. This is the only line of descent from Zachariah on which I have considerable information.

A son, Zachariah Bridgewater, Jr., was married on 13 December 1855 in Cass County to Winifred Jane Fanshier. Winifred was later married on 14 June 1860 in Barry Co., Missouri. Don’t know what happened to Zachariah, but Winifred died on 3 June 1862 in Wayne Co., Ohio.

Although there were other children, I have not as yet identified them with any certainty.

Not immediately connected to this family,  as far as I know, was Lillie (Humphreys/Humphries) Bridgewater who married James Reside on 29 February 1908 in Cass County. She was previously married to Otis Bridgewater on 4 May 1900 in Schuyler Co., Illinois. Descendants of the Schuyler County Bridgewaters are fairly well researched.

I connect with these families in Virginia. I also maintain a surname database of Bridgewaters around the world, online as The Bridgewater Register at

Happy to exchange information with anyone interested.

Thank you, Vern Paul

Amy Brune 08 Feb 8:07:36 2009

I am looking for infomation on my grandmothers side of the family.  Her name was Doretta Irene Newell and I know her father was Orie Newell.  I was  wondering about his parents and also siblings that  Orie may have had.  I know that my grandmother graduated from Beardstown in 1938. I also was wondering about. I also can not   find the name of Orie's  wife.  Can you please let me know anything you can.

Bobee Boyett 01 Jan 10:13:19 2009

I am doing research on one of my lines and it led me to Cass County.  They were on the 1850 census.  Their names were:
William Taylor, age 40, farmer
America(sic), age 38
James, 15
Sina, 6
Cynthia, 3
George Byer, 20, laborer
Is there any information on this family in Cass county?  William is married to someone else on the 1860 census in Hamilton County, Illinois.  I do not know much on my Taylor's but would like too.

Cathy Connelly
26 Jan 1:53:00 2009

Looking for any info on Johanna ( Joanna; Joan; Anna) Connelly (any sp.) Lyons/Lines. 184?-1898 buried Cath. Cem. Ashland. Esp. obit or burial records- specifically seeking birthplace in Canada, and info on dau. Delorraine m. Dr. Daniel Lyons ch. Joseph Daniel, Delorraine, Gertrude Any suggestions welcome!

Clarinda Rew Troemel
27 Jan 6:35:54 2009

Would like to exchange information about the Michael BEARDSLEY and wife Sabrina who are mentioned in a settlement of Ephraim REW's estate.  Date is given as 19 Nov 1849 and Horatio REW is the purchaser.  Looking for family and census,etc information for this BEARDSLEY family.

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