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Virgel D. Carr 10 Dec 11:34:49 2008

I am researching my family history. The Karr Cemetery in Cass County was started by my ggggrandfather John Karr. I have family information that states that John Karr was born in Ireland in 1733 and brought to this country by his parents. They settled in Philadelphia, PA. where John's parents are said to have died shortly after settling there leaving John an orphan at an early age. I also have family information that he married and lived in New Jearsey for a time and had several of his children. Sometime between1805 and 1807 it is said that they moved to Maretta, Ohio and stayed there until 1825 when they started west. They settled in Cass County, Illinois in 1825. I have family information that John Karr passed away in 1837 and is interred at the Karr Cemetery. I do not think this information is correct as John would have had to been 104 when he died. His last child was born in1811. John would been 78 years at that time and his wife would have been several years younger. I think that the person born in Ireland in 1733 was John Karr's father. Does anyone have any information on the names of John Karr's parents or know what dates are on John Karr's headstone in Cass County. I surely would appreciate any help available! Thanks!!

Dennis Wright 24 Nov 7:56:20 2008

Any information and/or copies of documents concerning Aaron Wright.  He married Hannah Whiteley in 1838 in Cass County.  I need to find the identity of his first wife who probably died between 1832 and 1838 in Cass County.  His brother Cyrus Wright was also in Cass County during this time with his wife Sarah Whiteley. I assume Sarah and Hannah were sisters.  Aaron and Cyrus were well known Baptist ministers in the area.  Also any information on his children at the time which were: James, born in Kentucky in 1829; Joseph, born in Clay County, IL in 1830; and Aaron, born either in Clay or Cass County in 1832.

Peggy Riggs Kopp 07 Nov 2:29:08 2008

Joseph R. NIXON, b. 1816, OH who lived in Cass County between 1852-64.

Rosalyn Barnson 16 Oct 11:43:49 2008

I am looking for documents, letters, a family Bible or articles about the Horn, Lindsley or Boardman families. 

Ty 02 Sep 11:30:18 2008

Anything on Wilbur or William Moore, and Cora Gorham. Not sure when they married.

Ty 02 Sep 11:27:10 2008

Anything on either group.Especially Richard Jokisch. He was sherriff of Cass county in the 1930s.

Clyde Ross 29 Aug 8:07:13 2008

I have a couple of pictures of Benjaimin Franklin Pullam who is the bro. of  Sarah Jane [Pullam] Elliott. They are of his family in Kansas. I am his grandson. I thought   maybe I could contact Mary or Marthas offspring. I went to school in Kansas to the school that Benjaimin his wife and mother in law let the school dept. have one acre for $30 to put  the one room scoolhouse on. It is not there now I went there in 1926-27. Sincerely Yours

Clyde Ross 28 Aug 3:45:43 2008

I, Clyde Lee Ross  am a grand nephew of Sarah Jane Pullam her younger bro. Benjaimin Franklin is my grandpa . I have his family's group picture. Thank You

Vickie 09 Aug 3:33:27 2008

I am looking for any info on David Allen Gibson m to Eliza Petefish she died in Illinois 1864 m 1846. Please contact me

Marsha Patterson 25 Jul 11:25:53 2008

I am searching for any info on a John Crawford who supposedly married Mattie Mae Kunkle.  She died in 1927. He was reported to have been a semi-pro baseball player in Beardstown in the early 1900's.  They had a daughter Rosa who married a Bill Craggs.  All info appreciated.

David W. Ray 21 Jun 12:40:07 2008

I am trying to find all the info I can on JOHN RAY, wife FANNY. They were from Kentucky. They were in Illnois from 1840 to 1850. JOHN RAY died in the late 1840s. There children were

Louisa D. Ray md-  Tighlman Oakley.
Montraville W. Ray  md- Mary E. Jackson
Volney M. Ray  md-Mary Warner
Gideon G. Ray m- Milly Ann Oakley
Lafayette C. Ray  md- Maria L. ????
George H. Ray
Robert M. Ray  md Roxanna ?????
Coleman Owen Ray  md- Martha Jane Ross
Wickliff L. Ray

Lived in and around Cumberland, Cass counties.

David Hansmeyer 16 May 5:06:22 2008    

My name is David Hansmeyer and I am the son of Kenneth Hess Hansmeyer, who was the son of William Hansmeyer/Hansmeier, who was the son of August Hansmeyer/Hansmeier a brother to Simon Hansmeyer/Hansmeier.  I am not sure of the spelling as I was told William changed the spelling in the 1910 era.  But I find the Hansmeyer spelling as early as the Civil War.  My dad ran the Arrow tavern in Beardstown in the 1930/40s and my grandfather William died between 1913 and 1916.  He was married to Zelma Hess daughter of Mary Hess.  She later married Herman Wessel, a contractor(Wessel and Sons). 

I am looking for information or points of contact to obtain information about William Hansmeyer and his Father and Grandfather.  As far as I can tell William was a miller.

Jaime (Brogdon) Cuvier 13 May 8:02:40 2008

I am looking for the parents of five HOWELL siblings who married five MORGAN siblings in Cass County. I am looking for the parents of both Howells and Morgans. John Morgan and Martha Howell, married 1851; Simeon Morgan and Amanda Howell, married 1856 (these are my ggg grandparents); James Howell and Dicy Morgan, married 1860; John Howell and Cynthia Morgan, married 1850; Joshua Howell and Eliza Morgan, married 1856.

The closest I’ve come is finding a Barbara Morgan living with James and Disca (Dicy) Howell, and listing herself as mother-in-law. Barbara is, I believe, the mother of Cynthia, Disca (Dicy), John, Eliza and Simeon. I believe that her husband, Mr. Morgan, died, and she went to live with one of her children.

This has been a long, long search, as the marriage and death records I’ve been able to obtain contain no parent’s names.   Thank you to anyone who can provide a glimpse into this family!

Dave Wright 25 Apr 9:56:18 2008


I am looking for a death certificate for Daniel Voorhees Wright, 17 December 1861 to 25 May 1921.  He is my paternal great great grandfather.

Daniel died in Beardstown according to two obituaries that appeared in the Decatur Herald and Decatur Daily Review on May 27th, 1921.  I have attached scans of both obits.  The file Daniel.jpg is from the Decatur Daily Review, May 27th, 1921 on Page 5 and Daniel2.jpg is from the Decatur Herald, May 27th, 1921 in Section 1, Page 3.

Cass county does not have the death certificate, so it is possible it was not filed.  I have also checked with Schuyler, Peoria, Macon, Piatt and De Witt Counties (all of which he had previously lived in) but no one has his death certificate.  I do have his wife's certificate, and I have a copy of his marriage certificate.

He is buried at the Fairlawn Cemetery in Decatur, IL next to his wife. 

He may have had a different legal name.  According to census records prior to 1883 (when he married Lillian May Prettyman in De Witt County) he is listed on the US census with his parents as Simpson V. Wright.  I have no information on why he went by Daniel after her left his parents home, but it could be part of the reason I have so much problem finding the legal record.

I am hoping to locate a death record, or additional information.  Perhaps there is a news story in the local papers from that time period.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Sarnes 22 Apr 12:03:16 2008

Trying to find out who or how I might be able to get access to an obituary for May 9th or 10th, 1923  for funeral notice for Bertha Long from either Beardstown or Virginia, IL. She passed away May 8th at St. Johns Sanitarium in Springfield, IL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Conrad Wayne Ware 18 Apr 4:05:22 2008

Seeking information about the 3 of the 4 children of John WEAR (WARE) all of whom were born in Kentucky, moved, lived and farmed in Virginia, Cass County from 1841 till John’s death in 1884. Children are as follows: 1. Elizabeth (1829-1917); William (1830-?); David H (1835-1924 - my great-great grandfather whom I already know about) and Margaret J (1840-?) Any information on Elizabeth, William  and Margaret  would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Donna Rideout 15 Apr 8:20:43 2008

Still searching for information on Milton JACKSON's father (known only as the "Elder" JACKSON in any family stories so far).

"Elder" JACKSON and his first wife were born in Maryland. They were in Ohio in 1804 for the birth of Milton. The family then moved to Kentucky in 1806 and stayed there until 1815. They moved to Carter Township, Spencer Co., Indiana in 1815. His wife died in 1818 of "milk sickness." "Elder" JACKSON married three more times and was the father of a total of fifty (50) children. He eventually moved to Cass County, Illinois, and died there about 1846. Some of his children moved with him and set up households in the same county, but I can't make any connections.

If anyone has a JACKSON line from Spencer or Perry Counties, Indiana or Cass County, Illinois, please contact me to see if we can connect families.

Shelly Quigg 11 Apr 4:09:00 2008

I am trying to date photographs taken at Mann & Co photo studio in Virginia, IL during the mid to late 19th century.  Does anyone have information on what dates this photo studio was operating?   Also, if anyone has any 1850-1920 photographs that have dates written on them taken at Mann & Co or any Cass County photographers, I would be interested in seeing scans of them to compare to my photographs.  There are many different styles of card stock and many different logos that can help to date them.  Thank you. 

McCARTY 09 Apr 4:30:42 2008

Looking for Rebecca McCarty, death Jan 1861/62 Beardstown, Illinois. Also looking for Nancy Ann McCarty Beardstown Illinois 1861/62 Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Robert and Rebecca McCarty and family are found in the 1860 census in Beardstown, Ill.  Robert joined the civil war 1862  after the death of his wife Rebecca.  Don't know what happened to daughter Nancy Ann after that.

Faye Jurgens Jones 30 Mar 4:05:39 2008

I am searching for additional information on the Thomas Cunningham and Euphemia Wilkie families.  Thomas and Euphemia are my great great grandparents.  I am interested in any info about my ancestors and particularly about when/where they settled when coming from Scotland.  My mother is Ellen Adeline Newman Jurgens and resides in Virginia, IL.

CUNNINGHAM, DODDS 25 Mar 5:49:16 2008

Looking for information Helen Allen married Andrew Cunningham, daughter Maggie Cunningham Dodds. Alice Dodds, Albion, Idaho, Alice Dodds St Louis, MO, Floy Dobbs.   Date ranges from late 1830 to about1870.

Teri 23 Mar 8:18:23 2008

I am seeking any and all Cass County historical information to add to along with photos to use with copyright worries.  Please email to me if possible.   Thanks!

Lyra 18 Mar 11:34:36 2008

Subject: Black Oak Cemetery between Arenzville and Beardstown

Seeking information on Louisa M Hobrock Mathews/Matthews who is supposed to be buried in this cemetery. Many of her Hobrock family members are buried there. 

Her stone may have the name Hobrock on it, or her married Mathews or Matthews name. She was born in 1874 in Cass Co., IL and married 1890 in Schuyler county.  So her death year would have been 1890 or later. Am specifically seeking her date of death. If someone is going to Black Oak Cemetery and can look for her stone and send me information as to what is written on it I would be most appreciative. Thank you in advance.

Johnny 24 Feb 9:26:31 2008

I'm looking for a Charles L. M. Flowers and a Lizzie Zittle some where between Cass Co. and Mason Co.

Ann A. 15 Feb 4:38:43 2008

Since the first queries, I posted, I have found most of the information I had been searching for. Matt R. Russells great grandfather, was born in Virginia. His great grandmother, was born in Kentucky. I still do not know their names. Since Matthew was born in 1860, I am guessing the parents would have been born from about 1825 to 1840.

Dianna Renfrow 30 Jan 5:12:49 2008

I am seeking information regarding Dyer, Frost or Witcher ancestors.  James E Dyer or Father John Dyer.

Jesse 20 Jan 3:18:10 2008

Looking for information pertaining to Guy William Younger born in Philadelphia, Cass County, Illinois on 14 Jun 1883. Parents unknown but had a sister named Bertha born abt 1875.


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