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Jenny 17 Dec 12:38:13 2007

Looking for husbands birth family in Beardstown. Mother around 18 in 1961-63, older sister. Parents still in Beardstown. His mother would have left to live with sister and family in Springfield when she became pregnant. My husband was born march 24 1962 at maternity hospital in St.Louis. The adoption agency was Family Service Center in Springfield Il. His mother never told his birth father she was pregnant or that he was born. He also was from Beardstown maybe younger than her. He may want to find his son if he knew or any other family that may want to know. Please help.

Mary W. Jeckel 23 Nov 11:48:44 2007

My father was George Ira Wallace born 7/01/01.  Any information would be appreciated.

Mary W. Jeckel 23 Nov 11:57:53 2007

Please send any information you have on my uncle, Jesse Rink Wallace.

Jeanette McCaulley 24 Oct 6:55:47 2007

I'm looking for any information that you can find for James Edward McCaulley.  I'm pretty sure he was born near Chandlerville, IL.  His birth date is May 18, 1923.   I would like to know if there's a record of his birth, death (November 23, 1944 - in Europe WWII - and/or marriage.  The only thing I know about his wife is that her first name was Alberta.  They had a daughter - first name Barbara. 
That's about all I know and would appreciate any information you could find for me.   Thanking you in advance,
Best regards, Jeanette McCaulley (Wife of James Edward's youngest brother who was only 2 years old when James Edward was killed in the war.)

HUBBS, LEE 14 Oct 2:11:13 2007

My grandmother Francis Lee had a son registered in a census in April 1930 to be 7 months old and named Otto Hubbs.  At the time she also had my mother Helen who was 9 and 3 older children.  Either she had Otto out of Wedlock or while still married to Dennis Lee the father of my mother and her brother and sisters.

Julie Newcomer 10 Sep 8:45:06 2007

I am trying to date a photo taken by a “J. Rowe, Photo Artist”   in Chandlerville, Illinois in the 1850’s or 1860’s.   Does anyone have any information on this photographer and when he did business in Chandlerville?  I would appreciate any help you can give.

NEWMAN 27 Aug 12:13:15 2007

I'm looking for Newman's who left Ohio & came to Illinois ca 1850-60 era.  I would like to know more about the Newman cemetery and Newman's in that area.

SMITH 04 Aug 8:09:30 2007

Cass Co., IL. Need info on John Frank Smith born 1856 IL married Casss Co., Alice Magee 16 Feb 1879. Had Goldie, Alicie, Samuel, Andrew, Ella V., Frank, Jr., who was killed mining, Harry Harord, Margaret Kitte. Have a old old tin type picture had done of Smith boys. Need to know who John Frank Smith's father and mother and what happen to him.

Laura Hutchison
25 Jul 2:44:30 2007

I'm looking for information about Reuben B and Amanda C Padgett who were living in Ashland Precinct Cass County IL in 1900. I believe Reuben Padgett moved to Cass County from Montgomery County IL sometime after 1880 when his first wife died.

Jan “Standley” Boettcher16 Jul 7:53:35 2007

Any information regarding Phillip Richard Standley born January 1832 in Illinois would be appreciated.  He was in Cass County with his seven children about 1879 after his wife Mary “Polly Anne” Turnham died shortly after giving birth.  In 1880 he was in the southern Oregon area of Butte Falls/Gold Hill.  His children’s names were Andrew, George, William, Charles, Thomas, Mary, and Arvilla.

Ann A. 11 Jul 1:00:07 2007

I am looking for more information, on the parents, of Matthew ( Matt ) Russell, born in Illinois, in 1859. He passed away in 1930, in Fonda, Iowa. His parents, were suppose to have died, from smallpox, when he was quite young. He was sent to go live with a reverend Taylor, and his wife. He had another brother, and one sister, who did not live very long. His mother was full blooded Sioux. And, was said to have been born in South, Dakota. His father was French-Canadian and Sioux. Unknown, where he was born.

Ann A. 06 Jul 9:43:37 2007

I have come upon some new information, regarding my brother in law Matt Russell's, grandfathers name, which was Matthew Russell. he was born in Illinois. But, in 1860, not 1859. And, he passed away in 1930, in Pocahontas County, Cedar Twp, Fonda, Iowa. I still need information on, where in Illinois, he was born. And, information on his parents.

RUSSELL 10 Jun 1:18:03 2007

My brother in law Matt R. Russell, (who has passed on) now, had a grandfather, Matt Russell, who was born in Illinois, in 1859. How can I obtain information on Matt Russells parents. All I know is that they died from smallpox, when Matt Russell, was five years old. He then went to live with a reverend Taylor. I do not know where this happened. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

Sharon Minton Hill 03 Jun 5:59:31 2007

Looking for information on James Madison Nester born ca 1845 Floyd Co., Virginia   he married in 1864 Carroll Co. Virginia  Leah Mabry  born ca 1837 Grayson Co.,Virginia.  Leah had a son Robert McNeil Mabry born in 1860 after she married James he is listed as McNeiley Nester. They are in Cass Co., IL. by the 1870 census. Did Leah die or did they divorce?  Did they have any children? None are listed on the 1870 or 1880 census. In 1897 James marries Consuella Krackenberger they are living together in 1900 with her son by a previous marriage. In 1910 & 1920 James and Consuella are living in separate households and believe they are divorced. Consuella died in 1922 and in 1930 James is living at Bluff Springs in the Alms House?  he is listed as a inmate  age 82 wd. I would like to know what happened to Leah & Robert McNeil Mabry/Nester. And when James Madison Nester died and where he is buried. Does anyone know Consuella's maiden name and where she is buried and when she was born?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Charla Weisenburger 08 May 2:43:21 2007

Looking for info on George & Lillian (Lilly) Johnson. They are buried in the Beardstown City Cemetery. George b. 3/12/1878 d. May 17 or 19,1964, Lillian b. 1/12/1883 d. 3/17/1951. The 1930 Census listed them as living in Oxville, Scott Co., IL. Their children were  Leonard, Martha, & Alberta.. Martha married George Franklin (Frank) Chestnut. Martha & Frank are buried in Beardstown City Cemetery also. Please send any info to . Thank You!

Lillian's maiden name is Travis.

Jean Landes 26 Apr 1:15:19 2007

My name is Jean Landes and I am doing the Landes's and Redwine Family Tree. This is what I have. Isaac D. Redwine born abt 1828 in Missouri. He married Aley Prewitt from Tennessee 3-8-1844. They lived in Winchester, Scott Co. They had Isaac N. abt 1870, William B. abt 1864, Ida abt1866 and Mattie (Martha) abt 1863. In 1900 Isaac and William were still under household members on the census. Isaac D. died 4-4-1916 in Winchester. Mattie married William H. Landes 1-9-1887 in Winchester. They had Lillian -1888, Harry-1891,Kent-1894 (Kent is my husband's grandpa) and Hazel-1896. Kent married married a Lutia Waugh. They had Louie, Violet, Harold,Vernom, Arthur, Dwayne, Raymond, Robert, Jack and James. I hope someone can help me out.

Gloria Jackson 24 Apr 12:46:33 2007

I am looking for adopted children from JW Morris and Frances L Nickerson. JW Morris was born in Virginia -Cass County-Illinois in 1880 or 1888. Some of the children were adopted in Peoria, Chicago and Alton Illinois from 1919 to 1926.

Carol M. Lankston 23 Apr 5:26:19 2007

Can you please tell me where the old Biddlecome Graveyard is located in Cass Co., IL?

J. Laue 21 Apr 3:35:05 2007

I found, in my late husband's collection of antique razors, etct. a razor and case with the hand-written name of G.G.Gerdes...I would be happy to return it to any relative.

Jean Brasel Landes 19 Apr 1:48:29 2007

My name is Jean (Brasel) Landes  I am still researching on the Brasel's. I am looking for any descendants of the sons of David Jr. and Mary Ann (Long) Brasel. They were from Cass Co. Virginia. Their photo is on this web site. They were William who married Elmira Braden, Edward he married Louisa Braden, George who married Melinda Fay Lane. Samuel who married Lavina Anderson, John who died at the age of 6, Clark who married Sarah A. Dyer,James died at the age of 20, Frank who married Bertha Braden, Smith who married Cora Walters (this I know but if anyone would like to add to it) Charles who married Stella Cline and Howard who married Olive Young. I have had some people email me with things. If you think any other these might be related to you or your family no matter how small would you please email me. Thank you.

SHINALL 08 Apr 10:18:08 2007

I'm looking for any information on the Shinall family.

Charles Anderson 29 Mar 1:21:45 2007

I am looking for information about Augustin Anderson and his wife Margarette.  They moved to Cass County from Missouri in the 1850s; she died in Cass County 4 Oct 1880.  I would like to know when Augustin died, where, and when.  Their son Joseph was buried in Garner Chapel Cemetery, and I suspect they were also.  However, while I found Joseph's tombstone, I have been unable to find theirs.  Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Stephen Smith 17 Mar 1:24:40 2007   

I am just beginning a search of my mothers family.  Her birth name was Pauline Bales but she was adopted by Ollie Grace Rawlings of Virginia, ILL. "Grace"'s maiden name was Way and her father was Stephen A. Way.  They had a farm near Virginia and all are buried in the Virgina Cemetery.  I buried Pauline and Grace myself. The farm is under what is now part of the county airport.

Any help or information anyone can supply would be helpful.

Jean Landes 15 Mar 9:53:51 2007

My name is Jean Landes (Brasel) I am looking for any descendants of Cora Ellen Walters (Brasel). She was my Grandmothers mother. She was the daughter of John & Mary B. Walters from or around Virginia. She was born 12-11-1880. She married Smith Brasel from Virginia 6-16-1900. Cora had 5 sisters. Mrs. Charles Lincoln of Bushell,il. Mrs. Rosie Hixon, Mrs. Nellie Bacon, Mrs. Lillie Bibbins and Marie Walters all residing in Virginia . She had 3 bothers. Jessie of Springfield, Samuel and Carl of Virginia. Cora past away on 10-25-1926 in Virginia. I have been looking up about my Family the Brasel's. I have not found much on the Walters side. This I copied off of Cora's obitury I had. I hope someone can help. Thank-you.

James C. Gordon 11 Mar 8:33:30 2007

I am wondering if anyone there might find cemetery listings in/around Ashland for the following couple:

George Washington Black
b:   1/10/1860, IL or IA
d:   3/22/1918 (Morgan Co., IL)
m:  Lois Alred, 12/23/1884
      (IL:  1865->1930) (where ">" means "after")
George and Lois lived in Alexander, IL, in 1910.

Lois lived in New Berlin, IL, with her daughter, Ruth G. Black Kumle, in the 1920 and 1930 censuses.  I've tried to find where George and Lois are buried and think it must be around Ashland.  They are not buried in Jackonsville, Waverly, Franklin, Pisgah, or anywhere near New Berlin according to online websites for those cemeteries.  Ruth Kumle is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Island Grove Twp. of Sangamon Co, but I don't find her parents buried there either.  What I'd really like is the dates and places of their deaths as well as where they are buried.  Then, they had six children, and I'm hoping to eventually find an obituary for one of them to know where those children went in adulthood.  I'm distantly related to George Black through our mutual Reaugh family ancestry.  The Reaughs lives E of Woodson in the mid-1800's.

Bill Porter 18 Feb 5:57:30 2007

I am looking for any information that may be available on E. C. Maurer, date of birth unknown, wife's name unknown.  He had three children that I know of Louie Ernest, Carrie, and Pearl.  There may have been others.  Louie Ernest Maurer is my wife's Grandfather, born 1889 in Ashland, Cass Co, IL.  He married Minnie Belle Petitt, born 1887 in Page Co, VA.  Louie entered the Army in WWI through the draft.  His draft registeration card shows he registered in Mt. Vernon, IL.  Prior to the Army, he worked for Watkins Medical Company as a salesman.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

TAYLOR, TINSLEY 17 Jan 11:52:41 2007

Am looking for information about Seth Tinsley and Hannah Taylor. Any information will be appreciated.

Corrine Brown 15 Jan 4:42:18 2007

I am looking for information about my Great Grandmother Louisa, Henrettia Shoppa.  I do not have much informtion.  She came over at about 18 years of age from Germany and she married a Jacob Omen Ommen on February 3, 1854 in Cass County.  She later married a Carl Frederick Davis and supposedly she was married 3 times with Davis being her last husband.

If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it.

Dolores Balderas 13 Jan 5:00:30 2007

I am searching for information about James Foster, an ancestor of mine.  The only info I have is that he was born 6 Apr 1728, and died 13 Sep 1786.

His birth places was either Cass Co., IL or Rockbridge Co., VA.  He was married to Jane Campbell.  If you have anything more to add to the above, I would certainly be grateful for your input-----or if the above is incorrect, I would like corrections.   My many, many thanks to you.

Joyce Daly 03 Jan 8:48:14 2007

I would like to find anyone whose ancestry includes the family of Robert Forrest Bowman m. Anastasia Bernadette Daly. Their children were as follows: Lilybelle, George Vern Bowman m. Bertha Heap, Lulu,  Lena, died young, Laura m. Theron Hardin, Reah m. Henry Netherton, Bernadette m. James Sheridan, Dorris m. Ingwal Skillingberg.


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