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Sue Paisley 18 Dec 5:25:38 2005

I am trying to connect with my grandfather’s family. His name was Ernest Williams in he lived in Beardstown, IL, (Cass County). He was married to Minnie Hoyt and had two children – Betty June and Bill Ben.  He died in Beardstown in about 1981.  I am trying to find other members of this family.

Scott Van DeVenter 14 Nov 8:35:37 2005

Would like any info on businesses Albert Buck ran in Arenzville, Virginia and Chandlerville.

Richard Bingham 14 Nov 7:33:00 2005

Looking for info on Clarence Chambers b, 1893 Tn. d,3/9/31 in Beardstown, IL Wife name Nannie b,1896 Tn. Sibs Glenn, Ray and Eugene. Clarence worked on RR.

Eartha Turner Strange 12 Nov 2:37:58 2005

Looking for any info on these people, Nancy Robinson DOB 1930? We know of two children Maggie and Frances Robinson. She had 6 children but don't know the other 4. Maggie married a Jesse Miles and had 6 kids? These are the one's I know of: Willie Ethel Miles, Jesse Miles, Anzelina Miles and Mary Miles. I wish we would find some info on Nancy Robinson. We find them on the census in 1880 in the house with Jesse Miles but need info on Nancy Robinson in 1870 and up. Help anybody help us. We know for a fact that they were in Cass county and later on move to Dallas, Texas. But we need to know Nancy's last name if she was every married and what happen to her daughter named Frances. What happen to Maggie daughter name Maggie by her husband Jesse. Help Help 

Kathy Best 30 Oct 3:56:30 2005

Seeking info on GOFF line. Patrick Goff (circa 1834), married to Mary ?, farmer in Cass Cty. The had children: Bridget, Lawrence, John, Ellen, Peter and Mary. Seeking info on ancestry of Patrick and Mary - how they came to U.S., etc.

Kathy Best 30 Oct 2:27:07 2005

John Davis was murdered by Bion Shaw on August 11, 1876, in Beardstown. John Davis is a relative of mine and the first white child born in Cass County in 1822. I have copies of the newspaper articles regarding the shooting and the inquest, but I have not found out what punishment was received by Bion Shaw (if any). If anyone knows, please let me know. John Davis’s wife was Elizabeth Dobson and had 2 children I know of: Lida Ellen and Francis Marion. John fought in the 114th Illinois Regiment during the Civil War (his son was enlisted as well as a drummer boy). John Davis’s parents were James Davis and Elizabeth Foster. John Davis had the following siblings: Julia Ann Davis (married an unrelated Davis), Thomas M. Davis, James Allan Davis, Evaline Curry, Mary Jane Tureman, Sarah May Miller, George W. Davis, Frank Davis and Charles H. Davis (other siblings died before him). If anyone has any information on what happened in this case, please let me know. Thanks!

Kathy Best
29 Oct 10:52:31 2005

Minerva Jane Davis was the second child of James Philo Davis and Nancy Jane Dyche. She was born August 28, 1879, in Cass County and died on March 6, 1975. She married Richard Elmer Fanning on June 26, 1898.  I show Richard was born June 13, 1878 and died July 3, 1963. I show they had 2 children, Raymond and Louise. Raymond married Velda Knippenberg. All I have for Louise (your mother?) is that she married Robert Lynn and she died in March, 1960. My records show one child (Patricia Michelle Lynn – is that you?). Do you have a son Christopher Michael born December 15, 1971? I am glad I have more information from you to fill in the blanks.

Minerva Jane’s parents, James and Nancy, had the following children: Grace Ellen, Minerva Jane, Maggie Mae, Harry, Edward Reuben, Bertha Alice, Bessie Lee, Ledrue, Claude George, Roy, Elmer Adolph and Pearl Ann. I have dates and who they married on all if you’d like them. I have a family photo taken about 1896, plus a separate photo of James Philo. I also have some shots of the “kids” when they were older, but I am not sure Minerva is in them. I have had a hard time identifying everyone. I have a copy of census records showing the family living together and I have a copy of James and Nancy’s marriage certificate.

James Philo Davis (your great grandfather) was born May 27, 1856 in Cass County. He married Nancy Jane Dyche on July 4, 1877. He died at 2:30 p.m. on August 13, 1909. The home (farm) was 3 miles south of Beardstown. Nancy was born May 15, 1857, and died on May 2, 1936. They are both buried at Clarke Cemetery in Virginia, IL.

Nancy’s parents (your great-great grandparents) were Joseph Dyche and Eliza Jane Long. I have the clock they gave to James & Nancy for their wedding present in 1877! Joseph Dyche was born January 17, 1810 and died April 6, 1869 in Morgan County. I show he is buried at Morrison Cemetery, near Concord in Morgan County, IL Eliza Jane Long was born May 18, 1830 near Concord in Morgan County and died October 4, 1900 in Virginia, IL. She is also buried at Morrison Cemetery. James and Eliza had 6 children: Emma, Nancy Jane, William H., Thomas J., John and Mary J. This last child was born April 2, 1864 in Morgan County and died at the age of 6 on December 25, 1870. Very sad, isn’t it? I do have an excerpt from a book on Morrison Cemetery that lists known burials. It lists Joseph Dyche and Mary J. Dyche and has a longer statement about Eliza Jane Dyche: “wife of Joseph Dyche, born May, 1830 died Oct.4, 1900 [from Jacksonville Journal of Friday, Oct. 5, 1900]. Died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Philo Davis, south of Virginia, Wednesday, Oct. 3, Mrs. Jane Dyche The deceased born near Concord Sept. 18, 1830, being 70 years and 16 days of age. Her husband, Joseph Dyche, died in 1869. Five children survive their mother – Emma Filey of Bath; Nancy Jane, wife of Philo Davis; William H.; Thomas J.; and John. She joined the Methodist Church in her youth and always lived a Christian life. Funeral services were held Thursday, Oct. 4, at Morrison cemetery, near Concord.”

I have hit a road block on the Dyche and Long families going back any further than Joseph and Eliza. I have some information on the rest of their children, but not anything on their parents. If you have anything farther back than that, please let me know!

I do, however, have a lot more information on your maternal lineage. Your maternal great-great-great grandparents (the parents of James Philo Davis) were James Allan Davis and Martha Schaeffer. James was a farmer and house carpenter, born October 29, 1824 in Cass County. He married Martha on October 7, 1849, and later married Elizabeth Smith on March 16, 1887. James died on June 15, 1894 in Cass County. Martha Schaeffer was born September 16, 1830 in Montgomery, Ohio and died in Cass County on July 21, 1884 in childbirth along with her son. James Allan and Martha had 7 children: Minerva (b.1851), Valentine W. (b.5/16/1852, d.4/22/1933), Sarah Ellen (b.1855,d.1927), James Philo, Cyrus Edward (b.1861;d.1942), Charles L. (b.1866) and William D. (b.July,1884 and died July, 1884).

Martha Schaeffer Davis’s parents were Philip Schaeffer and Highly Hoover (or Carver). They were two of the early settlers of Cass County. He owned the grist mill. He was born in Ohio (date unknown), married in Ohio and died in 1854 in Monroe Precinct, Cass County. Philip’s wife, Highly, was born in Ohio (date unknown) with English descent. She died at home in Cass County in 1880. She had a second husband named Daniel Lahman. Philip and Highly had 6 children: Martha A., (our descendant), Calvin Seeger (b.1835), Washington, Valentine W., Cyrus J. and Elizabeth.

Philip Schaeffer’s father was John Schaeffer, who was born in Pennsylvania on January 19, 1769, was of German descent, moved to Ohio, and died in Cass County on May 17, 1855. . John served in the War of 1812 under General Hull. I imagine he was awarded a land grant in Ohio after the war, but I don’t know that for a fact. He too was one of the original settlers of Cass County. He donated land for Clear Creek Church. Philip’s mother was Christina Ream, who was born October 25, 1774 (PA?) and died September 8, 1844. They had 6 sons and 6 daughters, but I only know the names of 4: Henry (b.June 28, 1812 in Montgomery, Ohio, d.3/27/1863), Margaret, Philip and George John. I don’t have anything on the parents of John or Christina.

James Allan Davis (married to Martha Schaeffer) was the 4th child of James Davis (farmer) and Elizabeth Foster. James Davis was born January 15, 1796 in Amherst County, Virginia? James married Elizabeth Foster on November 5, 1818 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He died March 6, 156 or 1857. He and Elizabeth came to Indian Creek, Morgan County, IL. in 1821 and in 1827 moved to Monroe Pct., IL  (why they moved is also an interesting story). They were one of the very first settlers of the area and gave birth in 1822 to the first white child born in Cass County. It was all Indian territory prior to John’s birth. There were only 20 white families living within Cass, Morgan and Scott counties in 1821. James and Elizabeth came from Kentucky via prairie schooner (covered wagon). James was 25 and Elizabeth was 21. They had 2 children in tow. Julia Ann was 2 and Thomas was an infant just a few months old. They built a cabin on Indian Creek where John was born. I don’t know anything about the parents of James Davis.

Elizabeth Foster Davis was born June 5, 1800 near Crab Orchard, Tennessee. She died on March 15, 1897 near Virginia, IL at the home of one of her sons. She is buried in the Arenzville Cemetery. Her father was Michael Foster, who was killed in the War of 1812 (I have his war records). Her mother was J. Elizabeth Ogden. More later on them.

Back to James and Elizabeth….they had 14 children: Julia Ann (b. Dec. 24, 1819 in Cumberland County, KY., d.8/31/1900), Thomas M. (b. June 24, 1821 in Cumberland County, KY.), John (b.nov. 16, 1822 at Indian Creek, Cass, Cty, IL, d.8/10/1876 in Beardstown. John became the county jailor in Beardstown and was shot and killed in the line of duty by a drunk and naked young man named Bion Shaw on August 10, 1876. Before that, he served with the 114th Illinois regiment in the Civil War along with his son, F.M., who was a drummer boy in the same Company A.), James Allan (our direct ancestor, b.10/29/1824 on Indian Creek, d. 6/15/1894), Evaline (b.6/24/1826 on Indian Creek, d.6/7/1895), Polly F. (b. Dec. 22, 1827, and died in infancy), Elizabeth (b.8/26/1829, d.after 3 months & 17 days on Dec. 13, 1829), Mary Jane (b. 11/24/1830, d. 2/17/1913), Sarah May (b. 5/16/1832, death date unknown, but she did marry John Miller), George Washington (b. 5/11/1834, d. 6/12/1913 – he took in his mother), Martha (b. 3/23/1836 and died at the age of 18 yrs & 24 days on April 17, 1854), Budy (b.11/26/1837, died the following year on 8/29/1838), Francis Marion known as Frank, b. 10/24/1839 and died in Nov., 1917), and Charles H. (b. 3/21/1842, and died as a hermit and starved to death on 5/8/1900 in Green River, Sweetwater County, Wyoming). I have more information on each member of the family if you want it.

Elizabeth Foster Davis’s father was Michael Foster, as I mentioned above. Michael Foster was born September 8, 1767. Where he was born is unknown, but it is believed to have been Lancaster County, PA or Rockbridge Co, VA. He married J. Elizabeth Ogden circa 1791, probably in Rockbridge County, VA. Elizabeth Ogden was born circa 1767 in New Jersey or Virginia, we think. We know her father’s name was David Ogden, but nothing else is known about him. We don’t know her mother’s name. Elizabeth Ogden died in Illinois.

Michael Foster was a private in Capt. David Smythe’s Company of Infantry in Colonel Philip Pipkin’s Regiment of Tennessee Militia under General Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. Michael was mustered for service toward the end of the war on June 20, 1814, in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee. He died on October 16, 1814, in Natchez from dysentery (we think) on the march to New Orleans. War records show he was paid $8.00 per month for his service. He earned $33.41 until his death. His wife, Elizabeth Ogden, had to sue to get his money. I have records on all of this and more on Michael Foster’s life before the war. We believe Michael’s parents were James Foster (d. 9/11/1786) and Jane P.? (died 10/7/1788). They had children: Michael, Mary, Rachel, James, William & John. It is believed that James Foster’s father was Alexander Foster from Londonderry, North Ireland, who settled in Lancaster County, PA in 1728. By the time of the Revolutionary War, he was living in Rockbridge County, VA.

Michael and J. Elizabeth Ogden Foster had 10 children that I know of: Sarah known as Sally (b.5/1/1793), James, Elizabeth (our ancestor), Mary (b.9/7/1802), John Campbell, Jane, Ruby, William, Hiram and Washington.

Donna Yavorshak 25 Oct 8:49:25 2005

I have a few death certificates for PENDERGRAFT and am willing to share along with a few obits.

JULIUS FRAYER PENDERGRAFT: Birthplace Knoxville, TN, place of death CASS CO, IL. Julius was my G G grandfather.

HESTER JANE (MALLORY) PENDERGRAFT, born in COOPERSTOWN, IL, wife of Julius Frayer Pendergraft, Place of Death, CASS CO, IL.

SAMUEL WILLIAM PENDERGRAFT, place of birth, COOPERSTOWN, BROWN CO, IL, Place of Death CASS CO, IL. Husband of HARRIET MATILDA TUCKER. Samuel and Harriet were my G Grandparents.

FRED PENDERGRAFT, place of birth, Iowa, son of Julius Frayer Pendergraft and Hester Mallory.Place of death, CASS CO, IL

JOHN PENDERGRAFT, son of Julius and Hester Pendergraft. Place of birth, COOPERSTOWN, IL, place of death CASS CO, IL, BLUFF SPRINGS Township.

EVERETT E. PENDERGRAFT, son of Julius and Hester Pendergraft, place of birth Brown Co, IL, place of death, CASS CO, IL

I also have Julius Pendergrafts Obit, Samuel William Pendergraft and my grandfather ROY Pendergrafts obit.

I am still seeking information on ROBERT Pendergraft, Son of  EARL Pendergraft and Myrtle DUNCAN

Pat Gourley 24 Oct 1:12:36 2005

I am looking for Edward Lewis Bingley b. 22 Jun 1824 m. 1 Jan 1845 to Elizabeth Jane Combs b. 1 Feb 1830. Their children are: Mary b. 7 Feb 1848, John b. 26 Nov 1849, Martha b. 19 Dec 1851, Jacob b. 3 Dec 1853, James b. 8 Jun 1871, Isaac b. 19 Nov 1856, Sarah b. 12 Feb 1859, Abigail b. 27 Jul 1861,  Gertrude b. 17 Nov 1863, Elizabeth b. 1 Apr, Olive b. 6 Feb 1869, and Amos b. 8 Jun 1871. I think all except the last three children were born in Cass county. I have information on Elizabeth but not the others. I would like to exchange information with anyone who has information on the family.

I am looking for the family of Edward Bingley. I have Jane "Lewis" Bingley wife of John Morris Bingley, death 2 Dec 1836 in Cass county. I wonder where she is buried?

Michelle Lynn Kanis 14 Oct 9:40:35 2005

My maternal grandfather's name was Richard Elmer Fanning; grandmother's name was Minerva Jane (Davis) Fanning. My mother was Louise Therese Fanning; her only sibling was Raymond Fanning. All were from Virginia, IL.  My paternal grandfather was Jerry Lynn; grandmother was Josephine E. (Wagner) Lynn. Their children were Robert (my father), Frances E., and Mary. There was another sibling who died in infancy (a male).  I have lost touch with all of my family members. My father (still alive) has found out information about some of his family. I would be most interested in finding out about relatives on my maternal side (and having other info about my father's family). My mother was born in 1912, died in 1960, and is buried in Walnut Ridge cemetery, as are both of her parents. My father, Robert W. Lynn, was born in 1913.  If there's anything you could do to help me learn more about my family, I would greatly appreciate it.

Phylis Vaughn 14 Oct 6:27:35 2005

Looking for info regarding the death of Emma Rahel Vaughn who died from lockjaw around 1894.  Birthdate 16 Jan 1858.

Linda Raber 24 Sep 3:24:59 2005

I am looking for family information on John H. Williams & Cynthia Ward Williams. These were my Great-Great-Great Grandparents. I have just begun this side of the family and can use any information about there children, Grandmother's parents, where she came from, etc.

HUBBS 20 Sep 6:28:09 2005

Am trying to locate info on Alonzo/Myra Miller Hubbs.They lived in /around Ashland area. They are buried in the Ashland Cem. They would be my G-grandparents. Any relatives out there? Would appreciate any info you may have.

Russell M. Hustead 15 Sep 6:09:31 2005

I'm looking for information on Caleb Husted b 1780-1790 in ?Fayette Co, KY.  I am ultimately looking for his parents.  I suspect his father is a Gilbert Husted of KY.  I believe Caleb had a son Gilbert, named after his presumed grandfather,  born in KY in about 1815.  Son Gilbert lived in Cass Co near his father in 1840.  Later son Gilbert settled and lived in south Illinois in Williamson, IL. 

Caleb was in Morgan Co in the Illinois census of 1835 having moved from Vermillion, IN.  Caleb "Hughsted", the subject of this query, is last found in the 1840 Cass Co Census.  He had three daughters:  Nancy Jaine Husted was born in about 1820 in IN and married in Virginia, Cass Co in 1840, Margaret Husted was born about 1824 in IN and married in Cass Co in 1842, and Pamelia who was born about ?1834 in IN and also married in Cass Co in 1845.  I do not have the girls' marriage certificates and wonder if names of parents show on an Illinois marriage certificate ca 1840s?

Caleb's three daughters are all found living in Beardstown, Cass Co. in the 1860 census.  Interestingly I found a town of Husted located in the Twp of Beardstown!  It's head must be a wealthy gentleman named William Husted b about 1800 in NY.  He married Sivilla/Sylvia McHenry in 1840 in Jacksonville, Cass Co..  She was buried in Beardstown in 1849.  William's father is Asher Husted.  Asher was given 16,000 acres of military tract land in north Henderson Co, IL.  His wife, Nancy Tobis was buried in the Carr/Karr/Kerr cemetery in Bluff Springs, Cass, IL.  But we have not found Asher's grave.  Does anyone have information on this Asher Husted?  

PETERS 07 Sep 12:19:55 2005

I am looking for information of Captain Thomas Peters, and his family. I would like to know who his parents and siblings were, and any information that you may find about him and his family, please? He served in the Union Army, and lived in Virginia, IL.. He was a member of the GAR post in Virginia, IL.. (If there is any information that the GAR would have about Mr. Peters, it would really be appreciated.)  The date of his death was on December 28,1921, and his birth date was July 29,1835. He was married to Margaret Ann Puthuff, and they had three children.  He is buried in Walnut Ridge Cemetery. Thank you for any help that you could give me.

Robert Watkins 13 Aug 11:37:40 2005

I am searching for information or possibly any pictures of my Great Great Grandfather Beverly Watkins.  His farm was in the Cass County reprint of the 1874 & 1899 Atlas.  I have no pictures other than his headstone and would appreciate any information or copies of photos.

Carolyn 19 Jul 8:15:21 2005

I'm looking for any and all information on the Duffields, if anyone can help me please.

Kent McCormick 04 Jun 1:14:45 2005

I am looking for information about, and hopefully a photograph of, a man whose surname was Beard and was born in Cass County probably in the middle part of the 19th century. I believe he was definitely related to the Beard family in Beardstown. He left  the town and his wife and child(ren) at some point and ended up in Wichita, Kansas, in 1873. He was known only as "Red" Beard there because his hair was of a reddish color. He operated a dance hall in Delano Twp., Sedgwick County, Kansas, across the river from Wichita, and he was killed there in 1873. His wife (Ilion - ?) and child(ren), from which he seemed to be estranged (or he abandoned), came to Wichita after his death and lived there for some time thereafter. 

Can you help me? I am a historian.

Peter Halfmann 03 Jun 5:40:08 2005

I'm looking for information of the children of Clarence Ruppel *20.07.1914 Beardstown Cass County, Illinois and Orville Ruppel *20.11.1915 Beardstown and an  obit of their grandfather John Hueschen, who died 28.03.1923 in in or around Beardstown, Cass Co. Thank you.

Bill Denney 30 May 2:20:44 2005

Per a family history, my 2nd GGM, Anna (Freesen) Huschen (Hoferhusch in Germany) died in about 1854 in Cass County, IL.  Do you show any record of her or any other Huschens (sometimes spelled Husch, Huchen) or Freesens?  Her father was Wilhelm Freesen, b 1775 and her mother was Sibilla (perhaps Benedens) Freesen.  Thanks in advance. 

I've been unable to find Anna's husband Heinrich (Henry) Huschen or Hoferhusch in the 1860 or 1870 census listings but he shows up in the 1880 Cass County, IL census, living with his daughter, Sibilla (Huschen) Betz and her husband, John Henry Betz.  I assume Heinrich (Henry) Husch/Huschen/etc. died in Cass County sometime after 1880.

Carolyn 23 May 5:07:53 2005

I'm looking for information on the Lutkehus side of my family. I know that there is an Otto F. Lutkehus that has passed on now but would love to find some more information.

Anne 10 May 9:48:24 2005

John Kinney Death (1849) wife  Hattie Smith (1822), Children: William P, Kinney (1846) and John H. Kinney (1849).  William P. Had  Three children, Dallas, Hannah, William.

John H. Had  five girls-  Lottie, Sarah, Mary. Minnie, Helen. Any one interested in sharing information?

Julee Wessel 10 May 10:13:38 2005

I am attempting to find some information about my ancestors to surprise my father for fathers day this year.  I was wondering if you have any information about which Blum was my grandfather's stepfather.  My grandfather was Harold Wessel, his mother being Anna Wessel who then remarried to a Blum after her husband Otto died.  Harold was a pallbearer in this funeral and I wasn't sure if Henry was his stepfather, his uncle, his cousin, etc. etc.  Let me know if you have any information.  Thank you.

Annika Fritzen 03 May 8:13:19 2005

Hello to Illinois,

My name is Annika Fritzen an I�am from Moormerland-Warsingsfehn, Ostfriesland!

I know that some of my ancestors emigrated to Illinois or Minnesota. (at the end of 1800, beginning of 1900)

At this Homepage I saw some of Peoples with my Name FRITZEN!

I hope someone can give me a few Names or Dates or something!? So I will have an beginning for my Investigation!

Many Thanks ahead

PARRY 16 Apr 10:56:46 2005

Does anyone have information on the Parry family who lived on 4th St in Beardstown up until the 1970s? Keith Parry lived there with his grandmother. He'd be in his mid-fifties now.

KROUCH 16 Apr 10:54:21 2005

I'm looking for information about Louise Krouch (Crouch?) who lived in Beardstown with her family in the 1970s.

Lynne Devlin 03 Apr 11:27:39 2005

Looking for information regarding Patrick and Rose(Reagan) Devlin living at Virginia, Cass county in the mid to late 1800's. They are supposed to be buried in the Virginia Cemetary. One of their sons was Frank A. Devllin.  He moved to Knox county, Illinois.

Susan Lynn Chase  02 Apr 1:27:10 2005    

William F. Gray born 1845 Bluff Springs, Cass County, Illinois. I need his siblings, parents and actual birth date. He married Julia A. Brim born 1843 in Ohio. They raised their family in Brown County Illinois. Their children were Ida Belle 1868, Grace E. 1870, Alberta 1872, Arthur 1873, Josephine 1876, Maggie 1877, Peter 1880, Minnie Elizabeth 1882 and Jessie Maud 1886.

Sam Duncan 21 Mar 9:02:19 2005

Interested in information regarding my grandfather, Harold Duncan, born in the Chandlerville area in 1899.  We have anecdotal information that his parents may have been killed and he was left in the home as a toddler and adopted by a J.B. Duncan.  My grandfather's name before being adopted may have been Stucker. Harold married Grace Plunkett.  They had three boys, John, Harold Jr., and Bob.  Harold and Grace and John are buried in the Chandler cemetery. Any information would be helpful.  Thanks.

Dave Heitz 21 Mar 5:35:27 2005

My GGgrandparents John HEITZ and Frances MEYER HEITZ came with their children Sopha and Frances, from Baden, Germany in 1854 or 1855, and moved to Cass County after a brief stay in Ohio.

Their Daughter Frances married Anton Dober in Cass County, and their Son Sopha married Amanda BOWYER in Cass County.

Sopha and Amanda's son is my Grandfather John William HEITZ, born in Beardstown in 1874.

John and Frances HEITZ are buried in Arenzville Cemetery.

I am trying to find their connection to the early MEYER and HEITZ families in Cass and Schuyler Counties, and who they stayed with in Ohio.

Jaime Brogdon Cuvier 05 Mar 1:19:49 2005

I am searching for information about my great great great grandparents, Simeon Morgan and Amanda Howell. They were married in Beardstown on January 10, 1856. He was born in North Carolina in 1834 and died in 1919 in Jacksonville; he is buried in the cemetery at the Black Oak Curch. Amanda was born April 1, 1835 - not sure where. She died in 1907 and is buried next to Simeon. I have been searching for both of their parents' names and have not been able to find them. I have a copy of Simeon's and Amanda's marriage license, but it does not show the names of their parents. I would certainly appreciate any leads offered by anyone! I am pretty new at family research but am willing to share what little information I have.

Shayndel 03 Mar 8:48:47 2005

I am looking for information on my grandmother Ruth Belva Simmons born about 1895. She married Lee Roy Way. Her father Charles Albert Simmons owned a grocery store in Virginia, Illinois in 1884 until 1914.

I am also looking for information on  Margaret Ann Watkins and her family. She was born in Cass County in 1861 and died in Peoria Dec. 8, 1914.

Thank you for any information anyone may have.

Colleen Settles 22 Feb 2:12:24 2005

I am looking for any information or writing on John Musch from the mid 1800's. Thanks for any help.

Donna Perry Meeker

Doing some research on Arenz School, my email address for the winter is Heard from a Dan Spears, in San Antonio, TX but unable to reach at the address he had on there. Maybe someone in that county has it. Dona Perry Meeker

Tammie Brown 22 Jan 8:36:57 2005

Searching for connection between Jacob S. Kahrman (Cahrman/Carman/Kahrmann) and Judge John A. Arenz. 

Colleen Atkinson 13 Jan 6:52:04 2005

Seeking information about the Stephan Brannan family who raised my great grandmother Margaret Quinnar aka Margaretha Guinard. She and her sister Sarah were orphaned  having been born probably somewhere in Canada to a French father and Indain mother. Sarah was blind. Hoping to learn where in Canada (if indeed that's where their parents resided), they were born.

Colleen Brady Atkinson 10 Jan 6:43:52 2005

Seeking information on Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Owen Brady residents of Beardstown,IL. 1800's. He died 1893 an immigrant of IR. His wife Margaret Quinnar aka Margaretha Guinard died 1943. Would greatly appreciate obits. of each and burial info. Thank you for any help.

Marsha Baney 07 Jan 1:04:24 2005

Looking for anyone who knows about Dr. Henry Wohlgemuth's mother, Maria Boehne Wohlegemuth. The Dr., his mother, and three siblings came to Beardstown from Germany in 1845.  The Dr. later became a prominent citizen in Springfield, Il., but originally started out in Beardstown, as per his bio. in Sangamon County. It is likely Maria Boehne Wohlgemuth was the sister of Henry Herman Bohne/Boehne who married Selina Beard--sister of Thomas Beard who started Beardstown. Henry Herman Boehne went back to Germany and in 1845 brought this family back with him on the ship Bark Eliza Thornton. I'm researching the family tree.  Thanks for any help.


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