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SCOTT, STUART 14 Dec 7:28:27 2004

Looking for information on the families of Daniel Scott which included Ruben-Ruby, Ethel, Bertha, Louis Harold and Charles. Also his brothers family of Clarence children Edna, Leroy, Marie, Delbert, & Ruth Scott.

Please conatct me. Some stayed there and some moved.

Looking for any connection to Stuart, George and wife Alice Schaeffer children Mary, Donald, Viola Alice and Edna.

LouAnn 15 Nov 11:22:15 2004

I'm looking for someone willing to do two divorce lookups for me in Cass county.

According to the ISMI Lloyd W. Plummer married Grace Ridings on 01 Oct 1896 in Schuyler Co., IL. Their wedding newspaper clipping states they will reside in Virginia, IL where he is in business. By the 1900 census, each party is living at home with their parents. Both are listed as widowed. However, Lloyd W. Plummer marries again about 1907 to a Rosa (surname unknown). For this divorce, I'd like the date and copies of the court records available. I'll be happy to pay for all costs involved.

The second one is for Lloyd's sister Amy Plummer. Amy E. Plummer m. 24 Sep 1885, Cass, Albert R.  Prouty. (Vol. 56, license 4351; ISMI) AND  Amy Plummer m. 25 June 1895, Cass, Hiram P. Strole.  (Vol. 56, license
5765; ISMI) Albert R. Prouty continues to show up on censuses. All I want to know for this couple is 1)Did the marriage occur as per the 1885 license? OR 2)Were they divorced? when?

My main line of research is the Ridings line. That's why I want more information on the Plummer/Ridings marriage and divorce. The second request is to make certain that I'm following the correct family.

I'd sincerely appreciate any help someone is willing to offer.
LouAnn in NC

13 Nov 12:22:48 2004

I am looking for any information on a Burt Lamb who was married to a Lille Wendt. She died in Ashland, Cass, Illinois on October 15, 1969.  They had two children: Anita and Fred.

Carole Beach 12 Nov 11:43:23 2004    

I'm looking for information on relatives of my late husband's grandfather, Harry Anton Moorman, who was born in Cass County IL on 19 Jan 1889.  His father was John Frederick Moorman, born in St. Louis MO in Aug 1849, and his brother was William Phillip Moorman, born in Cass County IL on 02 Jan 1879.

Bonnie Hindelang
01 Nov 7:01:13 2004

I am looking for my grandmother who was born in Beardstown 9-16-1924.  Her name was Violet Mary Stucker.  She was, at a young age, placed in  Foster care and later sent to a catholic orphanage in Alton, IL.   I am hoping a birth certificate/record exists.  Also, any Stucker surnames which could have been her parents, would be greatly appreciated as I realize this will be a more difficult search.

Rachel Piencikowski 12 Oct 8:48:26 2004

Looking for info on Gerdt (Garrett) Johnson and Susan Angeline Sutton married in Cass County, IL March 27, 1862.  Her parents were Henry Phenix Sutton and Susan Ann Witty married in Cass County, IL June 22, 1840.

Garrett and Angeline moved to South Dakota in 1883.

RILEY 09 Oct 2:41:02 2004

William RILEY born 1839 in England his wife Elizabeth BARROW born 1840 in England.. their children Ward B. RILEY born 1864 England; James R. RILEY born 1871 IL; Hester A. RILEY born 1873 married ANDREW J. CARTER; Margaret A. RILEY born 1877 married Oct 29, 1907 Vernon P. RAVAIL, the married last 10 years, who did Margaret RILEY remarried, she was still living in Virginia ILL in 1950.. When did she died. Emily RILEY born 1881 in Fulton county ILL, she married William BLACKBURN  in 1933, their daughter Mary BLACKBURN born 1921 in Virginia ILL.

Bonnie Cox
05 Oct 8:44:04 2004

I am trying to learn the cause of death of my great-great grandfather, Joel Stewart, who died in Cass County June 1st, 1847 at the age of 44, leaving behind a widow, Sarah Thurston Stewart, and a large family. 

Bruce L. Schenk 02 Sep 12:55:27 2004

Thomas L. Cook married Harriet James on 12 Sep 1850 in Cass County, Illinois. I think this may be the same Thomas L. Cook and Harriet that ended up in Oregon.  They had two boys born in Cass Co. Jerial W. Cook born 1851/2 and William W. Cook born 1853. Does anyone have any more information on Thomas and Harriet? Thomas was born in abt 1816 in North Carolina.

Ken Standley 12 Aug 3:56:18 2004

Looking for families related to a John J. Middaugh b. 1825 married to a Tabitha Bowman in 1875. They had a son Joshua b. 1876 and a daughter Sarah Elizabeth b. 1878 who was my grandmother, she married a Elmer Plank in 1896 they were probably  married in Concord, IL. any information would be appreicated. Thank You

Diane Barber 06 Aug 12:00:08 2004

My name is Diane Barber, one of 19 children of Johnny Anderson. He came from Cumberland County Kentucky back in the early 1900"s. He brought with him a wife named Mary Cox.  They had 6 children, 2 infants died at birth, and then the other 4 grew up in Beardstown, Il. Mary died,and then he married my mother, Caroline Bollhorst in 1933. They had 13 children.My dad had a half-brother, Finis Wallace and a 1/2 sister Sally .Do you have any info? My dad owned land around Virginia during the depression and then lost it.  He then moved to Arenzville and lived there until he died in 1967.

MALLICOAT 05 Aug 9:57:27 2004

I'm looking for information on Robert Oliver Mallicoat and Anna Larson. They lived in Arpin Wisconsin before moving to Cass County.  Also any information on Archie Mallicoat and Anna Rozena Rohn. They lived in Cass Co. most of their life.

Bob Schoonover 24 July 11:52:01 2004

The 1882 reference "History of Cass County" lists the names of some of the earliest locations in Cass County, such as Robinson's Mills, Miller's Ferry, Jersey Prairie -- and Schoonover's Ford. Sounds like some might have been river crossings.

I am especially interested in "Schoonover's Ford" -- what was it, and where was it?

Appreciate any help or ideas.

Kenneth L. Lahman
08 July 9:45:03 2004

I have found on the Illinois Civil War Veterans list three individuals with my last name, Lahman, who listed their residence as China, Illinois. We know that parts of our family were in Cass County at certain times. I'm wondering if China, Illinois used to be a town in Cass County that since disappeared or changed its name? If not in Cass County, have you seen any information on a China, Illinois elsewhere in the State?

Thank you for any help you are able to provide.

Jack E. Foulke 29 Jun 7:01:45 2004

I am hoping to correspond with any person or persons having knowledge of the Fulk, Wright, Marguis, and Swope families that may have resided in Cass county. 

Lyn Swan 07 Jun 6:37:27 2004

Looking for descendents of David Alcorn m. 1862 (Cass Co., IL) Louisa Englis. I descend from Louisa's sister Eunice Englis m. 1865 Mathew Hooper Monroe. I have photos of 3 of David & Louisa's children (Theron, Nathan & Mauve) probably taken 1880/90s. I would like to give them to Alcorn descendents.

Mauve married Calvin J. Wilson. Nathan married Bertha Bell and Theron married Gertrude Garner.

Other children of David & Louise are Annie, Margaret & Amelia.

If you descend from or are cousin to any of the people mentioned I would appreciate hearing from you.

Darlene Ireland 16 May 1:08:57 2004

I am looking for information on Abraham Lincoln Greenwood who married Mary E. Holstlaw in Feb. 24, 1884, Cass County, Ill. Would like to hear from the present generation or any one with information on the family.

Robert J. Carson
10 May 5:35:59 2004

My dad was born in Little Indian, in Cass Co.  He was Robert J Carson and my Grandmother was Mary Ellen Gilpin also born in Little Indian.  I have found out that Little Indian was burnt down in 1932.   Do you have any record of this ?

28 Apr 9:08:03 2004

I have been trying to find info about the lives of my GGGrandparents: David M. and Angeline Burchard CHAPMAN. Illinois archives have quite a few Angeline Chapman. One in particular caught my eye. One Mrs. Angeline Chapman married a William Loundry in Cass County,IL on 24 Jan 1876. Does anyone have info about this Angeline? What Chapman was she married to ? Were they divorced or was she a widow ? Thanks for any help.

David Kent Coy 09 Apr 8:34:29 2004

I am interested in information on John Lamb, born about 1810/1820 in Kentucky, and died after the 1880 Census of Meredosia, Morgan Co., IL. He had 4 known children by an unknown first wife, they were: Martha E. (Lamb) Major Measles (1841-1915), Mary Eliza (Lamb) Coy (1844-1897), Thomas Lamb (about 1846-after 1880), and William J. Lamb (1852-1907). John Lamb married a 2nd time to Frances "Fanny" Gentry and they had one son, George W. Lamb (1858-1924). These families lived in the Indian Precinct area of Cass County, Illinois. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Other associated names were Sheppard, Cobb, Kuhlman, Haley, etc.

Dona Perry Meeker 03 Apr 9:42:28 2004

Back in the 30s there was a big house on the corner of  Main and Edwards, on the S. E. corner.. there  were no house's across the street CIPS  and tanks were there. It was a big house said to have 17 rooms... my grandparents were living there and my father and mother. The Perrys. Would like to locate a picture of the house if any one has one. Also looking for old revival pix taken by the river, as Grandpa Perry was a preacher....

Bernita Kaehlert Bates 03 Apr 10:48:20 2004

My grandparents, Karl Kaehlert, wife, Friedericki Briar, daughter, Johannah Dorothea, son, Karl, came to Arenzeville in 1892. I understand this was a Lutheran church sponsored group. Cannot locate their German home towns. Any effort would be appreciated. 

Belle Woods 22 Mar 1:34:05 2004

I am looking for information on my grandfather William Sherwood Combs. I know he was raised in Chandlerville, born Apr. 2, 1895, had a twin brother named John, who died around the age of ten reportedly of food poisoning. My grandfathers parents were James and Mary Combs. There were several sisters, but I don't know if any of them were born in Cass Co. William married Eunice Miller, I believe in the early 1920s'. He was a vetern of WW1 and live most of his adult life in Havana. He passed away in Petersburg on Dec. 23, 1977.  

Gerald Myers 06 Mar 6:06:26 2004

I am searching for information on my Grandfather, Allen E. Myers. I am not sure where or when he was born but he married Ida E. Holmes on April 28, 1940 in Literbery.He died in Beardstown on April 16,1957. I have no other information on him and would appreciate any information. Thanks

HACKMAN 22 Feb 11:23:44 2004

Looking for any info on Hackman's in Cass county.  (John ?) Henry Hackman b.1824 d. 1874 married Louisa Jokisch
3-13-1856 and were the parents of mygreat grandfather Julius.  I believe Henry's father to be John E. Hackman who emigrated with his sons to Cass County from Germany.  Online bios detail John E.'s info and lists 2 sons who are also easily verified, but I find no positive ID of a John Henry as John E.'s son or brother of John Frederick and William Hackman.

Sharlet Mackey 14 Feb 10:25:59 2004

Am searching for the MACKEY surname in the Arenzville, Illinois, area.  I have a book here from Arenzville and there are a number of Mackey's mentioned in it, including EARL, KENNETH, RAY, WALTER MACKEY.  Is there anyone with the surname of MACKEY still living in the area?  Please e-mail me!  Thank you.

Jim Hazel 08 Feb 6:18:16 2004

Looking for information on my Great Grandmother, Mary (May) Elizabeth Ross, born 28 Oct 1864, died 6 March 1948. Married to Alfred Campbell of Cass Co. on 4 March 1886. Children were Alfred Sudbrink, William Ross and Marguerite May.

Carolyn 07 Feb 10:45:09 2004

John CALL and Emma HOOD, no dates sorry....the reason for my search. Daughter, Emma Call was born in 1866. Searching for siblings also..

Emily Frank 07 Feb 7:39:04 2004

I am looking for information on the Fredrick Davidsmeyer Family and the William DeSollar Family in Cass County.  I have some information on both but it is pretty sketchy.  Any information on Children or parents would be helpful.  I am willing to share what information I have. 

Bettie Wheat 01 Feb 2:30:09 2004

I am looking for info on the Lorenzo Trotter family nd Wm. rastus Trotter families. They were in Cass co.. I have some info but need to fill in some empty spaces. Thanks every so much. Bettie Wheat, 901 N.W. 7th Fairfield, I, 62837


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