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Elizabeth Hawkins, married James B Davis on 16 Dec 1806 in Jessamine County, Kentucky. The marriage listing shows John Hawkins as father of the bride. Thanks to an e-mail from Leslie Feaster, Elizabeth Hawkins mom was identified as Winny Hawkins. John and Winny Hawkins moved from Jessamine County, Kentucky to Henry County, Kentucky by 1820. John Hawkins filed his will in Henry County, Kentucky in 1824. He named his daughter in it as Elizabeth Davis, wife of James Davis and since Leslie Feaster knew they lived in Jessamine Co in 1810 it is the same one. So the generation for Elizabeth Hawkins parents are:

John Hawkins, born, unk , he was from Virginia, and died in Henry Co, KY in 1824. Married Winny Hawkins in Virginia but do not know what year. He was appointed Justice of the Peace during October 1800 per court records listed in Jessamine County, KY by USWebGen site for Jessamine Co, KY, court orders. Martin and James Hawkins also mentioned in 1800 court records listed there.
  1. John Hawkins
  2. William Hawkins
  3. Moses Hawkins
  4. Elijah Hawkins
  5. Sarah Baine, wife of John Baine
  6. Jesse Hawkins
  7. James Hawkins
  8. Mily Miles, wife of John Miles
  9. Benjamin Hawkins
  10. Richard Hawkins
  11. Silas Hawkins
  12. Elizabeth Davis, wife of James Davis

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John, Benjamin and Richard Hawkins were all in Jessamine County for the 1810 census. They moved on up to Henry County in 1820 and John died there c1824. Benjamin and Silas Hawkins migrated on to Breckinridge County, KY. Benjamin was in Breckinridge in 1820 and Silas bought some land from him and came later. I wish I knew who John Hawkins father was. My guess is that he's from the Culpepper Hawkins. His sons Benjamin and Silas both served in the Culpepper Militia. I am sending the transcription of John Hawkins' will for your information. If I stumble onto anything else I'll let you know. These Hawkins are one of my "brick walls" and to make matters worse I'm descended from Silas AND Benjamin! Sincerely, Leslie

Will of John Hawkins, 30 July 1824
In the name of God Amen. I, John Hawkins of the County of Henry and State of Kentucky, being aged and infrim in body, but of sound mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for man once to die, do make and declare this Writing to be my last Will and Testament. First, my soul here, and hereafter I earnestly recommend and commit to the care and control of the God of Heaven and as to the estate with which I am Blessed and to which I am entitled I give and bequeath as follows. To wit: First, I give to my son John Hawkins, One Dollar and no more. Second, I give and bequeath to my son William Hawkins One Dollar and no more. Third, I give and bequeath to my son Moses Hawkins One Dollar and no more. Fourth, I give and bequeath to my son Elijah Hawkins One Dollar and no more. Fifth, I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Baine wife of John Baine One Dollar and no more. Sixth, I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Hawkins One Dollar and no more. Seventh, I give and bequeath to my son James Hawkins One Dollar and no more. I will and direct my executors herein after named so soon as can be done to sell: The whole of my estate be it real and personal (except one bed and furniture which I give to my daughter Milly Miles and except also one other bed and furniture which I give to my Granddaughter Elizabeth Hawkins and the money arising from the sale aforesaid to be first applied to the payment of the legacies contained in the items 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7, afore mentioned and the balance after paying said seven legacies first aforesaid to be equally divided between my children towit Benjamin Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Silas Hawkins, Elizabeth Davis, wife of James Davis, and Milly Miles, wife of John Miles, share and share alike. And whereas my old wife Winny Hawkins may live longer than myself, in that case my will and direction is that out of the proceeds of my estate and before any legacy shall be paid or money divided, that my executors secure to her, my said Wife such ample competency as shall be fully sufficient for her care, support and maintenance, during her life, and at her death then the legacies herein after Richard Hawkins and John Miles is paid for taking care of my wife Winny Hawkins, the residue to be divided between my children Benjamin Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Silas Hawkins, Elizabeth Davis, Milly Miles as above directed. Lastly I appoint my son Richard and my son-in-law, John Miles, my executors of this my last Will and Testament. Witness my hand and Seal this 30th day of July 1824. John Hawkins (seal) (his mark) Attest- Thomas (his mark) Bryant Edward Bryant Henry County October 10, 1824. The Last Will and Testament of John Hawkins deceased was produced in court- proven by oaths of Thomas Bryant and Edward Bryant, Subscribing Witnesses thereto and sworn to be recorded.

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