1879 - 1911 Chattel Mortgages
Cass Co., Illinois

Thomas D. Chapman, Justice of the Peace, A.D. 1879

Docket for Monroe Precinct. Kept by Thomas D. Chapman, Apr the 14th A.D. 1879

Docket for Monroe Precint. Kept by J. J. Paschal, J.P.

Frank Stith and J. Stith to J. F. Bergen March 10th, 1879
Charles Savage and wife Sarah Savage to John Bheler March 1, 1879
John Samuels to Henry McKane March 14, 1879
Charles Shall to Henry Pauk May 7, 1879
John W. Samuels to Henry McKeane May 12, 1879
Mary Lacy to Thomas J. Nesbit May 20, 1879
Cass County vs. Henry McKean, T. J. Crum June 2, 1879
James C. Gaines to M. F. Gaines June 10, 1879
A. M. Huffman to Charles Savage August 30, 1879
Josephes Powell to Henry Campbell July 15, 1879
Yancy M. Powell to Petefish Skiles & Company June 26, 1879
Josephus Powell to Henry Campbell December 29, 1879
Miller Huffman to Charles Savage December 15, 1879
Josephus Powell & Yancy M. Powell to Math Kruse January 22, 1880
Charles Schall to Casper Dortert March 4, 1880
Charles Schall to Elex Lammes May 16, 1880