Cass County Illinois ancestors

Cass County Illinois genealogy

Cass County Illinois genealogy

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Cass County, Illinois Marriages 1837-1879 Mrs. Edna Gorsage Renner & Mrs. Mary Ann Bell Michelle Bley
Cass County
Marriages 1880-1899, Vol.  II
Mrs. Edna Gorsage Renner &
Mrs. Mary Ann Bell
Barbara Harmon
Old Cemeteries of Cass County, Illinois Arthur Crumrin Michelle Bley
Virginia, Illinois 1836-1986, Selected Writings Various Michelle Bley
Old Illinois Houses John Drury Michelle Bley

First Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish Records book

  Ginger Weston

Beardstown High School Year Book, 1934

Will do scans of people by e-mail or SASE. Please refer to Beardstown Yearbook 1934 and persons name and whether they were Senior, Junior or Sophmore.

  Ginger Weston
356 Baldwin Drive
Berea, Ohio 44017