County Board of Supervisors

       The several township supervisors, one elected from each township, together with any additional and assistant supervisors elected upon proportional representation, make up the membership of the county board of supervisors. Because these supervisors, severally, are township officials and only as a group constitute the county board, they are not commissioned by the state as county officers and no data concerning them, from which a list could be compiled, are kept by the State. For the same reason, county board records too, are inadequate for the compilation of a complete and accurate list of supervisors. Therefore, due to these and other limitations, only those members mentioned in county board records in connection with the first recorded meeting of the first board of supervisors are included in this roster.

       At a meeting of the board of county commissioners, November 17, 1923, the county clerk reported approval of township organization by a vote of 3,521 to 761 at the election held November 6, 1923.[7]   On December 17, 1923, the board appointed Jeptha Armstrong, John Broeker, and Joseph E. Edwards commissioners to divide the county into towns.[8] Their report, presented to the board February 7, 1913, bound and named eleven towns as follows:[9]

Arenzville Newmansville
Ashland Panther Creek
Beardstown Philadelphia
Bluff Springs Sangamon Valley
Chandlerville Virginia


The first meeting of the first board of supervisors was held April 14, 1913; the supervisors and townships each represented being as follows:[10]

Supervisor Township
Alex Huffman Arenzville
Nathan W. Wright Ashland
William J. Jones Beardstown
Mark White (Assistant) Beardstown
Herman Green (Assistant) Beardstown
Gus A. Carls Bluff Springs
Jeptha Armstrong Chandlerville
Henry Schneider Hagener
C. J. Sprinkle Newmansville
Lincoln Fielden Panther Creek
F. C. Wallbaum Philadelphia
John H. Taylor Sangamon Valley
George W. Nisbet Virginia

F. C. Wallbaum was elected permanent chairman.

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